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Hello 👋🏿. I'm Farah Brunache the creator of Open Source Haiti (OSH).

OSH is raising $1,500. To support the next 3-months of micro-payments to Haitians that complete surveys. OSH pays $1 for every survey, which takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete. The $1,500 would cover 1,500 surveys!

As of August 15, 2021 OSH has raised $921 dollars. Bringing us to 61% of our goal. Help us reach 100%.

You can contribute* in the following ways:

→ Preferred: $2/month by credit or debit card. Cancel anytime. OR $10/month by credit or debit card. Cancel anytime.




Up until this point, I've been personally coding and funding Open Source Haiti. And operations have been handled by a group of volunteers and myself. In June OSH received a monthly recurring contribution that will cover 100% of our cloud infrastructure costs!

We're well on our way to being a 100% owned, operated, and funded Haitian initiative. Let's keep this going! By helping us raise this $1,500. Which again 100% will be paid to Haitians in Haiti. And yes, we have survey takers outside of Port-au-Prince 😃.

*Contributions or gifts to Open Source Haiti are not deductible as charitable contributions for US Federal income tax purposes.

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