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Open Source Haiti is a creator community where we co-build projects and brands with the goal of increasing deal flow between the Haitian Diaspora and native Haitians. We plan to use real objective data to unlock prosperity for all Haitian people.

Within 10 years, Open Source Haiti will not need to exist. Our goal is for Open Source Haiti to have yielded sustainable and thriving Haitian businesses and people. And that those same businesses and people are re-investing in Haitian people.

Open Source Haiti se yon kominote k ap kreye kote nou konstwi pwojè ak imaj demak an kolaborasyon nan lentansyon pou ogmante echanj tranzaksyon ant Ayisyen Dyaspora avèk Ayisyen Lakay. Nou planifye pou n itilize done objektif reyèl pou delòk pwosperite tout pèp Ayisyen.

Nan 10 zan, Open Source Haiti pap gen rezon dèt ankò. Objektif nou se pou Open Source Haiti rive kreye biznis Ayisyen dirab ansanm ak epanouyisman Ayisyen. Epi pou menm biznis ak moun sa yo reyenvesti nan pèp Ayisyen an.




The community

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Collecting Responses

  • Is there a COVID-19 resurgence? And how is it being handled?
  • Is there a company like an AirB&B in Haiti?
  • How many universities are there in Haiti? Are there any with dorm rooms?
  • How many nonprofits are operating in Haiti?
  • How do I buy land in Haiti?

Up Next

  • What's the population of the city of Croix-des-Bouquets?
  • What organizations in Haiti, do Haitians find as making the biggest positive impact?
  • What is the process for completing a population census of Haiti?
  • What are all the Haitian holidays?
  • Ki bo jacmel ye?
  • How many restaurants are there in Haiti.
  • How many Haitian professional Organizations are there in the US?
  • How does someone get on the Haiti's Olympic team?
  • How does one get in contact with the Minstry of Health in Haiti?
  • How can I create a road race in Haiti?
  • Are there online schools or learning platforms in Haitian-Creole?
  • Are there homes for sale near the beach, in Cormier Plage, cap Hatien?
  • Are there any Haitian wineries?
  • Are there any Haitian microfinance organizations in Haiti besides Fonkoze?
  • Are there any boarding schools in Haiti for middle school and high school students?
  • Are there any bag manufacturers in Haïti?


  • Tourism in northern Haiti

When reports are released

Questions are considered "answered" when Open Source Haiti reaches statistical significance.

Statistical significance helps quantify whether a result is likely due to chance or to some factor of interest. When a finding is significant, it simply means you can feel confident that’s it real, not that you just got lucky (or unlucky) in choosing the sample.

When statistical significance is reached Open Source Haiti will move the question to the "Completed" category. And will post the content in the "Work" section of this website.

Submit a question to be answered

Update the above Pipeline list with your very own question. But going to AskHaiti.com. And we'll get to work to get you the answer.

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Happy Holidays. We'll see you in the new year!

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All donations are tax-deductible, and are made to Dot NGO Charities, a 501c3 organization and our fiscal sponsor.